Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog Entry #7 - To Blog or Not to Blog

Blog Entry #7 - Open Entry

To Blog...or Not to Blog. That is my question.

I started my "other blog" not too long ago for the genre pieces project. It's amazing what a little motivation can do which Hicks agreed with as well (Hicks, 2009). I was originally concerned with my topic being too "far out there" and that I would receive negative feedback, but so far it has been great! I have also experienced first-hand what a little motivation can do for writing and your general outlook on the process which connects to our readings and previous discussions over the topics of student choice and motivation.

I have never done an actual blog with my students or even on my own, but I can see where it would provide them with an opportunity to not only experience and manipulate current technology, but to create something of their own with the authentic purpose of being published and read by others (not just the teacher). I had not thought I would have many people read my blog, but there are apparently many more believers out there than I originally thought. I am still hoping that they will start to give me feedback and possibly ask questions or give me advice which is another reason I think that blogging can work in the classroom. It provides an authentic audience where students can get feedback from other students that will help them to know what their readers are thinking while reading their work (which is something that many students find difficult).

So my thinking leads me to the question of how to best implement blogging into my classroom practices? Since I have never done this myself, I am wondering if any of my peers have done this? I have listened to other teachers talk about creating classroom blogs, but due to limited availability of computers and laptops, their plans were put on hold and I had to move on to another LTS position before I had the chance to find out what the outcome was. Unfortunately, I have also been out of the classroom for over a year now and am wondering if blogging has become more of a regulated practice in school? Some of my concerns with having students create a blog is Internet safety, teaching students "netiquette", and being able to monitor 25+ students on the computers at a time. This is where I am going to ask my readers/followers what their experiences are with this so far. I would also like to know if blogging and other digital forms of writing are taking hold in the classroom? Feel free to write me back about any of the experience you have had lately!

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  1. What would Hicks suggest? This would have been a perfect time to go back to the readings to see what he suggests or even to do some additional reading if his ideas were insufficient.